FarokhMehr Carpet Group

[vc_row fullwidth=”0″ row_space=”remove_padding_top”][vc_column][gva_block_heading title=”FarokhMehr Carpet Group” style=”style-default v2″ align=”align-left”][vc_column_text]Farrokh Mehr Carpet Company was inaugurated in 2011 under the name of Negin Kosar Carpet on a land with an area of ​​6000 square meters in the Soleiman Sabahi town in Aranbidgol of Kashan .

The company started its activity with the Makui ASR device made by the Belgian company Vandville And after a while, 3 ASR computer knitting machines made by Vandville company were added to the collection And in 2016, the company was registered under the brand name of Farrokh Mehr.

At present, Farrokh Mehr Company by employing 90 experienced and skilled personnel And having an alpha 700 device, A Taksima 700 made by the German company  schonherr, A computer ASR device, ADR machine for kilim weaving, And a CRT device for Knitting Gabbeh, which all made by the Belgian company Vandvil, produces 25,000 square meters of Types of carpets 700 reeds, Rug, Gabbeh and Prayer Rug.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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